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Building a Drug-Free Generation: RIZE Prevention

At RIZE, we understand that the key to ending teen drug use and addiction lies in a combination of effective drug prevention and unwavering support. Our mission is to equip teens with the knowledge, skills, and resilience they need to grow up drug-free, ensuring a brighter and healthier future.


Addressing the Problem

In a world where our teenagers face unprecedented challenges, it’s crucial to acknowledge the issues that often go unnoticed. Our young generation, filled with potential and promise, is struggling. They’re wrestling with feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and stress. But let’s be clear: the problem doesn’t lie in a drug epidemic; it’s deeper than that. We’re not battling solely substance abuse; we’re confronting a heart and hope problem. This is where we choose to change the conversation.

Why It’s a Problem

The statistics are alarming. Teenagers are resorting to self-medication not because they’re inherently addicts, but because they’re seeking balance, purpose, and relief. Destructive self-medication isn’t just a temporary fix; it’s poisoning developing minds and compromising their potential for healthy maturity. Our teens deserve better, and so do their futures.

The Solution We Provide

At RIZE Prevention, we firmly believe that prevention is the most powerful weapon against this crisis. We offer comprehensive early prevention programs that are built on awareness, education, and timely intervention. Our approach is rooted in the belief that a strong support system, especially parents, can be the shield that protects our teens. We’re not just saving lives; we’re also saving money, by preventing future crises before they even begin.

How You Can Help

You have the power to be a part of this transformation. By donating to RIZE Prevention, you become a guardian of hope. Your contribution directly fuels our mission to reshape the conversation and safeguard our teens’ futures. Join us in changing the dialogue and securing brighter days for the generations to come. Together, we can change the future.

iRIZE Program in Local Schools

Building a Drug-Free Generation

Discover the schools that have chosen to make a difference in the lives of their students by implementing the iRIZE program. These educational institutions are at the forefront of promoting a drug-free youth. Explore their commitment to providing teens with the knowledge, skills, and resilience they need to grow up without substance abuse.

How Do We Change the Conversation?

Educating Conversations, Enlightening Futures, Empowering Change

Educate -
Knowledge is Power

RIZE equips teens with accurate information about drug use realities and consequences. We empower them to make informed decisions about their well-being through engaging resources and interactive sessions. 

Enlighten -
Emotions Matter

At RIZE we delve into the emotions that cause drug use, enlightening teens about how their emotions influence choices and behaviors. By fostering resilience and self-awareness, they can face life’s challenges without resorting to drugs.

Empower -
Strength for Positive Choices

RIZE empowers teens with the tools to resist drugs and embrace healthy, positive choices. Through a supportive environment and mentorship, we provide encouragement for confident decisions, shaping their drug-free destinies.

A Bright, Drug-Free Future

By completing any of the RIZE programs, our teens gain the knowledge and support necessary to steer clear of drugs. They develop a sense of self-awareness that guides them toward making healthy, positive choices. Empowered with emotional intelligence and resilience, they become confident and hopeful about their futures. Our mission is to nurture a generation of happy, healthy, and drug-free individuals who can embrace life’s challenges with optimism and determination.

Our Mission

Every teen – lives free from drug use and addiction. 

We are committed to a comprehensive approach in early drug use prevention awareness and education for all teens. Our mission is to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to resist drug use, make healthy lifestyle choices, and avoid risk behaviors. We firmly believe in empowering teens, building their competence, confidence, and resilience for a bright future.

Positive Teen Development: Nurturing Healthy Self-Awareness

We believe in fostering positive teen development, encouraging healthy self-awareness to motivate behavioral change. By empowering teens, we provide incentives to reward positive lifestyle choices and create an environment of love, acceptance, and encouragement. Our goal is to inspire confidence in their decision-making and build a strong sense of self-worth.

A Life Free from Drug Use: Supporting Teens and Their Families

We are dedicated to providing every teen and their family with a life free from drug use and addiction. We understand that recognizing and addressing mental health issues like depression and anxiety is essential in preventing teen drug use. That’s why we offer access to a network of support services and mental health professionals in the Upstate, ensuring our teens and their families receive the assistance they need.

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