RIZE Prevention and The Cursed Brain

Fostering Awareness, Recovery, and Faith-Based Solutions

RIZE Prevention, in collaboration with The Cursed Brain, has formed a partnership aimed at proactively tackling two significant health crises: suicide and drug use/addiction within the church community. Our perspective is that by fostering awareness within the church, supporting recovery initiatives, and educating young individuals about the Bible’s teachings regarding mental health and addiction, we can effectively address the spiritual underpinnings of these crises.

New research led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reveals that individuals who regularly attended religious services, at least once a week, had a notably reduced risk of mortality attributed to ‘deaths of despair,’ such as suicide, drug overdose, and alcohol poisoning.

Host a BEYOND Genesis 3 Presentation
/Bible Study at Your Church

Stand with us in this battle by organizing a BEYOND Genesis 3 session at your church. This presentation sheds light on the gravity of these problems and encourages church leaders and parents to guide their teenagers and connect with or distribute RIZE partner support resources within the community. In addition, to support church leaders in this endeavor, the author of The Cursed Brain is enthusiastic about providing resources to empower youth leaders in mentoring their teenagers through an impactful Bible Study.

A RIZE Prevention Partner Program for the Faith Community

We firmly hold the belief that the church possesses the capacity and duty to play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. Christians bear the responsibility not only to support fellow believers but also to extend their care and service beyond the Church’s boundaries, embracing a broader community.

Special Thanks to the SC Christian Foundation for partnering with us on this initiative. 

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