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Inside iRIZE: Building Resilient Teens

iRIZE is more than just a drug prevention program; it’s a comprehensive, proactive, emotionally intelligent approach to creating a drug-free environment within schools and communities. We believe in empowering students through positive self-regulation, equipping them with the fundamentals of resiliency, and actively involving parents and the community. Our program is designed to not only address the immediate challenges of drug use and addictive behaviors but to also build a foundation for a healthier, drug-free future for our communities. 

Positive Self-Regulation
iRIZE focuses on teaching students the essential skill of positive self-regulation. This means helping them develop the ability to make informed decisions, manage their emotions, and resist peer pressure when it comes to drug use.
Building Resiliency in Students
Resilience is a key component of our program. We work with students to strengthen their ability to bounce back from adversity, cope with stress, and navigate the challenges of adolescence. This resilience serves as a powerful shield against drug use and addiction.
Engaging Parents and the Community
We recognize that drug prevention is a collective effort. iRIZE actively involves parents and the community in the process. We provide resources, guidance, and opportunities for parents to play a significant role in supporting their children's drug-free journey. Community engagement ensures a holistic and sustained approach to drug prevention.

Teen Empowerment through the iRIZE Approach

Our iRIZE program is crafted using the latest in prevention and intervention science paired with a heart-centered approach. We step in before teens' drug beliefs solidify, engaging with respect and empowerment.


Sharing how unmet emotional needs and past/present experiences affect their choices.


Motivating them to conquer and transform destructive behaviors or unhealthy choice patterns.


Strengthening them by supporting their choices to live a drug-free life

Beyond Motivational Speeches and "Box-Checking"

Why iRIZE for Drug Prevention

iRIZE is a holistic approach to drug prevention that transcends the limitations of one-time motivational speeches and creates meaningful, lasting benefits in the lives of students. Unlike programs that merely make informed decisions about drug use. Our approach minimizes the burden on teachers, allowing them to focus on education rather than additional curriculum delivery. Our program is available to schools completely free of charge because we believe wholeheartedly that every student deserves the opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive drug prevention initiative regardless of their zip code. 

Exploring the iRIZE Journey: A Comprehensive Experience

Engaging Students, Empowering Parents, Strengthening Communities

Dedicated Program Liaisons

Guiding both students and parents towards success.

Engaging Student Presentations

Interactive and educational sessions that leave a lasting impact.

Fun and Educational Activities

Interactive and educational sessions that leave a lasting impact.

Parental Presentations

Exciting opportunities for students to get involved and learn

Personalized Coaching

Equipping parents with valuable knowledge and support.

iRIZE Programs in Local Schools

Certified 1-on-1 guidance in the pursuit of a drug-free lifestyle. 

Let's Talk : Be Part of the Conversation

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