Your Contribution, Their Brighter Future

The Impact of Your Donation

$5/ month

Provides the supplies needed for 1 student to participate in iRIZE for the school year. 

$25/ month

Provides 1 struggling teen with 1 on 1 coaching. 

$100/ month

Provides 2 students with financial aid for mental and behavioral health therapy to help overcome addiction.  

Your Donation Changes the Conversation

Your generous contributions play a pivotal role in fortifying our mission to combat drug use and addiction among young teens and their families. Every donation acts as a beacon of hope, igniting positive change and creating a safer and healthier environment for the generations to come. 

Every Donation Helps Us

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Making a Difference Through Generosity

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Did you know?

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was the increase in teen overdoses, in 2022.

Just $5 per Month and You Can Help Save a Teen from Addiction.