Martine Helou-Allen

Martine Helou-Allen

"My own childhood was torn apart by divorce and drug addiction. I medicated my unmet emotional needs in ways that were destructive. At the time, I did not understand what was creating the needs that were causing this destructive behavior. But with the support of school counselors, teachers, and principals who encouraged me, believed in me, and created opportunities to discover my talents and potential, I found my way in life. Now, I am driven by the conviction that every teen deserves that same support and encouragement to dream and achieve greatness. I never imagined I would be the executive director of a nonprofit whose mission is drug prevention for teens, but every step of my personal journey has led me to this exact place. My life experiences, my educational and leadership pursuits, and the eclectic professional career I started at 16 years old have all contributed to why and how I created RIZE Prevention. But more than any of those factors, this pursuit is driven by the unmatched value I place on encouraging and empowering others to resiliently overcome their circumstances. It has made facing every challenge in establishing RIZE worth it. Every single teen we help is worth it all! When I'm not in schools or in the office, I love spending time with my husband, two sons, and "Diggity-dog" Argo. We enjoy hiking, boating, jet skiing on the lake, and the adventure of traveling west or hitting the road for an unplanned weekend trip. I also enjoy spending my free time reading, especially about Christian theology, and cooking."

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